Idiot! | (Rin x Reader)

Idiot! | (Rin x Reader)

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Weird By ItsWeirdz Completed

(#1 in Rin x Reader!)

A cold hearted girl you are...

After the events of your horrible past, you are now living in the monastery, along with the Okumura Twins. 

Having fun, being the best friend trio. 

At the age of 14, their are some things that kinda changed.


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I'm throwing Chicken nuggets 
                              The frozen ones
                              THEY CAN'T EAT THAT SH*T
Zanesa_Fullbuster Zanesa_Fullbuster 6 days ago
No. Go away. I want Shiro back. He was the best. This show honestly made me cry too much and it need to not.
Zanesa_Fullbuster Zanesa_Fullbuster 6 days ago
I refuse to watch the last episode of My Little Monster because I dont want it to end
Wow this is true when I said AND PEOPLE SAID GIRLS TAKE TO LONG TO GET READY I said EXACTLY well in real life
Zanesa_Fullbuster Zanesa_Fullbuster 6 days ago
I know this isnt the right time but...
                              somebODY ONCE TOLD ME
Okay in the show I find Satan to be on of the funnest characters