Idiot! | (Rin x Reader)

Idiot! | (Rin x Reader)

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Ludin By WeirdGamerHD Completed

A cold hearted girl you are...

After the events of your horrible past, you are now living in the monastery, along with the Okumura Twins. 

Having fun, being the best friend trio. 

At the age of 14, their are some things that kinda changed.


Pikapizza14 Pikapizza14 Dec 28, 2016
5 seconds for clothes but it takes me 10 hours to do my hair!😖
Loyal_Chick_675 Loyal_Chick_675 6 days ago
*Reads line* 
                              *Looks at brother* 
                              Brother: *Shacks head* "No don't do it-"
                              Me: "OSHIETE OSHIETE YO!~"
minatakeda minatakeda Jan 02
I know im late but Assiah is apart of the word Massiah or was it Messiah
karla123245 karla123245 Dec 24, 2016
the first time I heard him say true cross knight order I thought he was going to say true cross
GrimReaper1687 GrimReaper1687 3 days ago
He says gouge your eyes out and watch me and I'm just here like da fuçk dose that mean Ron
jazzeypl jazzeypl Dec 16, 2016
Come on get your head out of the gutter peole. Dady is just another way if saying dad. Nothing more and nothing less... got it