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Jump Line - Time Hunter

Jump Line - Time Hunter

9.4K Reads 1.1K Votes 36 Part Story
Darcy Schroeder By Dasch409 Completed

Time Hunter is the second book in the Jump Line series:  

Esa James is human, but she's got a unique set of capabilities that make her special and wanted.  She's part of an elite unit of five soldiers in the year 2105 who are able to easily travel through time thanks to the Jump Line.  

Esa's former teammate turned traitor, Luther, still hasn't been found.  Neither has the evil leader of NorthStar, Troy.  

Strange things begin to happen to each of the team members. The elite team of Esa, Theo, Samuel, Audrina and Gave know it's only a matter of time before Luther and Troy strike and try to capture the entire team, but in the meantime, someone or something is hunting them and trying to pick them off one by one.  Now Esa is on the search for the Hunter before she becomes its next victim.

Great story so far! I really like the characters and the atmosphere :)
linahanson linahanson Apr 13, 2016
I have not read the first one. Seeing that this is one of the 'mandatory literature' for the cabin, I shall see whether it works on its own. I had a similar issue with my sequel and provided an introductory chapter. This being WP, it has to be at the end. Where people do not findit...
That's really interesting how the dynamic between her and her father has changed! It's so odd who context and circumstance can define our relationships.
shalonsims shalonsims May 04, 2016
The blurb was enticing. Sounds interesting. Looking forward to taking a peek!
kaykaylonghorns kaykaylonghorns Apr 07, 2016
Yay! The second book! I've been waiting to find it and read it. As soon as I saw it, I immediately put it in my library! Your books are just so good, @Dasch409! 😊
That's such an interesting detail, the electricity coming out of her hands.