A Kind of Beauty and the Beast Story- Part 1  {#Wattys2016} Completed!

A Kind of Beauty and the Beast Story- Part 1 {#Wattys2016} Completed!

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C.J. Young By cjyoung24 Completed

#13 in historical fiction! 11/20/16 ♡

"Who is to say the King does not do such things?" A voice suddenly said from the same direction the noise had come from.

Lila gasped. She was a little offended that someone had been rudely eavesdropping on their conversation!

"I suppose it is possible that he does. But I have never seen such a thing for myself, so why should I believe it?" She asked.

"It is just thought to be the wisest course of action in most people's minds, heeding warnings." He replied.

"Only a silly person believes every rumor others spread." Lila stated.

The voice suddenly burst out in laughter. "Well, well, I must say that you are quite outspoken, for a servant girl."

Servant girl? Lila suddenly got a strange feeling that she was not talking with a mere librarian after all. 

She quickly walked out from behind the bookshelf, wondering just who they were dealing with. She saw a young man waiting around the shelf for her, standing there with a small book in his hand. He was very handsome, with dark hair and dark eyes, light skin and a good build. He wore a regal blue silk shirt and dark pants, along with a jewel studded crown. Four guards stood nearby him clad in full armor, each watching her warily. 

This boy was obviously the King, and right now he was staring at her with a cold smirk.


Lila is not exactly a lovely maiden, but what she lacks in beauty she makes up for with courage and kindness. 

King Westan is far from a beastly creature on the outside, but his reputation is well known for being harsh and unpredictable. 

And although there are no magic spells bound on the characters in this world there does seem to be a mysterious force behind the many dangers lurking in the castle.

How will Lila fare against the most powerful and feared man in all the Kingdom? In this unique take on a classic story both the Beauty and the Beast must decide how their story will end.

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