Late night texts [Jungkook x Reader]

Late night texts [Jungkook x Reader]

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Vanessa By happinessdelight_0 Updated Aug 16

You are Jungkooks old childhood friend from Busan.
 The last time you saw him was 2 years ago. You also haven't talked in those 2 years. You still think about him but you don't know if he does. Once he joined BTS he couldn't come home as often as he promised you. And after a few months he changed his phone number and didn't tell you about it so your friendship started fading.

But one night some unknown number texted you when you wanted to go to sleep.

This is going to be my second fanfiction :3 
Please enjoy~ ;3

No. .....WHY! ?!?!? I think this message box is broken. .I need to fix  it. .😂But I think I put many words..😂😂😂that's why. ..
after reading a creepy fanfic im already scared of unknown numbers
either jungkook blocked the readers number or our signal is terrible.
"School was stupid as ever"
                              The best line of the eternity! ✔
Bro I'm dead lmao I rlly feel like her blocked her or something
                              This is why I became emotionless
                              So I don't get feels
                              But then I heard Spring Day 
                              And the emotions came back
                              Kill me-