Roommates ♕ E.D

Roommates ♕ E.D

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"But mom!"

"No buts, it's final!"

Sixteen-year old, Naomi Martin, is forced to find an apartment when her mother and father go on their business-trip for a year. It may or may not be the worst year of her life. Or, it'll be the best.

Find Out In, Roommates♕E.G.D

RosezHead RosezHead Aug 27
Her vagina is on her chest? Her shirt is on the bottom half of her body?!
Wow his already got a girlfriend and my heart is already broken
iredolan iredolan Sep 09
why are people being so rude lmao the fuckin girl likes this song obviously
Omg I wish I would say whatever to my mom kids be reckless now adays😂
fazeclout fazeclout 6 days ago
LAST NITE TUK AN L BUT TONITE I BOWNS BAK ... I'm so fuckin cringy bruh
Mind_of_Ty Mind_of_Ty Sep 03
Nahhh boi eth deserves better where she at she finna catch these hands (lmao im so fast to be throwing hands😂😂)