the diary of a star; matty healy.

the diary of a star; matty healy.

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If my life were a book, which it's not - at least not for the public to view - it would begin with a quote from a famous painter or author or classic poet. It would take the sentimentalities of an already existing being and recite an excerpt of their work, something along the lines of:

"She tells her love while half asleep, 
In the dark hours, 
With half-words whispered low: 
As Earth stirs in her winter sleep 
And puts out grass and flowers 
Despite the snow, 
Despite the falling snow."

-	Robert Graves

And then the book would begin. It would ease you in with an introduction.
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Parisemadison Parisemadison Apr 29, 2017
I can't relate more to paris, because my name is parise and Keaton Henson is GOD I write poetry and I love wearing black wtf
gmbtch gmbtch Aug 21, 2016
i'm feeling so bloody sad already only by just seeing this word
ilyhealy ilyhealy Aug 21, 2016
i just realized you wrote monday pine which is my all time favorite matty fanfiction, now i'm really excited for this
Music1331 Music1331 Oct 26, 2016
The way they instantly play off of the other's joke and get along so well is brilliant. I love their relationship.
magicalboxofthings magicalboxofthings Jul 01, 2016
i really love the way you write, it makes the story far more interesting than a lot I've read