Snake Charmer [Cobra/Erik x Reader]

Snake Charmer [Cobra/Erik x Reader]

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Real Name: Unknown
Position: Guildmaster
Magic Type: Darkness Magic & Organic Link Magic

Real Name: Macbeth
Magic Type: Reflector Magic & Illusion Magic

Real Name: Richard
Magic Type: Earth Magic

Real Name: Sawyer
Magic Type: Slowing Magic & Vehicle Magic

Real Name: Erik
Magic Type: Poison Dragon Slayer Magic

Real Name: Sorano
Magic Type: Celestial Spirit Magic

Real Name: Unknown
Magic Type: Unknown

Death the Kid would not like this statement. 7 is not just a number, it's assymmetrical trash. 8 isn't just a number either, ITS THE BEST NUMBER IN THE UNIVERSE (As of mine and Kid's standards)
I don't like Cobra but I thought it would be fun to read this! It seemed interesting, keep up the good work!
CheaJuslyn CheaJuslyn Jun 25
Why have I seen so many of these commenters on other Fairy Tail Fanfics especially fanfics written by FanfictionXR...?
I have to agree. Remember, Natsu was able to take out Sting and Rogue
Well it is me cos I'm always in da shadows talking with Rouge
If you say the whole thing from the beginning to HERE in the power puff girls narrators voice it's kinda WIERD but normal