Snake Charmer [Cobra/Erik x Reader]

Snake Charmer [Cobra/Erik x Reader]

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⚡ S P A R K ⚡ By DistantSpark Completed


Real Name: Unknown
Position: Guildmaster
Magic Type: Darkness Magic & Organic Link Magic

Real Name: Macbeth
Magic Type: Reflector Magic & Illusion Magic

Real Name: Richard
Magic Type: Earth Magic

Real Name: Sawyer
Magic Type: Slowing Magic & Vehicle Magic

Real Name: Erik
Magic Type: Poison Dragon Slayer Magic

Real Name: Sorano
Magic Type: Celestial Spirit Magic

Real Name: Unknown
Magic Type: Unknown

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KittalTheKittyCat KittalTheKittyCat Dec 27, 2017
No... He's just a girl with a flat chest and muscles
                              Of course he's a guy you idiot!
Emikina Emikina Dec 30, 2017
Confirmed again, he's the most good-looking guy in the whole guild
mysticroses0 mysticroses0 Dec 22, 2017
The ponytail (not sure if it is one) reminded me of Yandere Chan
nightmaremangle47 nightmaremangle47 Aug 19, 2016
wow natsu got beaten before he can lay a single blow on the enemy
animegurloffical animegurloffical Jan 19, 2017
they took over the annoying guy person wif disformed face thing
LyrahxWinters LyrahxWinters Nov 20, 2016
Yes, like they won't see a huge flying ship heading towards them -.-