Memories Faded

Memories Faded

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Alisha By lisha-stories Updated Oct 08

"I got all these memories faded of you
With me being faded with you"

Ten years ago you were the man of my dreams. Even at the tender age of sixteen I knew that you were the one for me. When I got you there was nothing I wouldn't do to keep you. That high of you lasted five years before it all crashed and burned.

Now the only memory I have of you is of what could have been.

janaee janaee Nov 08
Nahhh!!! Would've pulled a gotta blast!! 😭 Honestly truly!!
aliyaBAE aliyaBAE Jul 23
Keep this is good. Just continue the book from this point, because I hate when some authors wanna start everything from the very beginning and take 200 years to get back to the intro😭😭😭
But it's jun 20 are you gone finish or just have this for 3 more months? Just saying I like to read
tanbdavis tanbdavis Jun 04
Dang! Just the prologue had me in tears and on the edge of my seat..u got to keep this cause I need to know what happen next
AugMiracle AugMiracle Aug 23
Once you lose a child the relationship is pretty much nonexistent
I don't see how she's wrong. He is the reason why their child died 🤔 he can take the blame and all but he has to understand her side, she don't want nothing to do with him. And he still ain't learn if he still doing what he was doing