I'll Save You - Spirk

I'll Save You - Spirk

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Spock is a half Vulcan-half human entering his third year at the star fleet academy. Ever since he was a child Spock was bullied for being different, and it would be completely illogical to think this year would be any different. 

James Tiberius Kirk is a human troublemaker who is transferring to star fleet academy after causing one too many fights in his last academy. He is very bright and is convinced that this year will be his final, despite it being a four year course.

With this year their most challenging by far, Spock and Jim will learn to depend on each other more then either if them thought they could ever depend on another. They knew from the first time their eyes met there was a bond, but will it be enough? And the most important question, as Spock's illogical depression threatens to consume him, will Jim be able to save him?

*I don't own any of Star Trek or the pictures*

*May contain triggers*

Sorry about the crappy description

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crazy_mjb crazy_mjb Aug 21, 2017
Do that again and I'll punch you so hard you'll be begging me to kick you
AliciaRoseFantasy AliciaRoseFantasy Nov 22, 2017
Awww, that was heartbreaking :( All he wanted was a warm drink! Poor Spock.
prettyspaceprnce prettyspaceprnce Jul 24, 2016
OH! I love it I really do! Would constructive criticism or my opinion be wanted? I just feel as though Mrs. Kirk is a stronger woman than that braver I guess. Sorry just for her character later on! Just my opinion! I think everything else is perfect! Okay sorry, thanks!
catherinemency catherinemency Jun 21, 2016
Spock is physically stronger then humans in both the old and new movies and in the original series.