Osomatsu-San x sister! reader ☆ Brothers..

Osomatsu-San x sister! reader ☆ Brothers..

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あなたは美しいです♡ By Counterfight Updated Nov 05

(Y/n) Matsuno. The youngest out of the sextuplets. And the only girl.. Lots of problems are made, but none you can't fix with your kind, true caring personality! ♡


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oikobio oikobio Nov 28
Thanks for the new idea. I now have another weapon to use on my sister..
Hah jokes on you I actually do eat those things.
                              We're on a diet now 
                              WAKEY WAKEY VEGETABLES AND SADNESS
Eunikku Eunikku Oct 09
I'm not that forgetful when it comes to this stuff. But school stuff? I'll probably not remember it :(
They want to oddle my noddle.....
                              ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I'm not complaining though.
Eunikku Eunikku Oct 09
It's either 'Mondainai yo Imouto-chan' or 'Mondainai yo, (Y/n)-chan' :)