Osomatsu-San x sister! reader ☆ Brothers..

Osomatsu-San x sister! reader ☆ Brothers..

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(Y/n) Matsuno. The youngest out of the sextuplets. And the only girl.. Lots of problems are made, but none you can't fix with your kind, true caring personality! ♡


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Ultimate-Winner Ultimate-Winner Dec 27, 2016
Of course not little me *pats my head* It's call society that is making us hate our looks!! 
                              Me from this book: Ooooooh
I talk with emoticons in real life, too. I'm always like "Good morning! Smiley face! How are you? Confused face."
Karamatsu: *is viciously murdered by he own  brother after being abused by the same brother most of his life*
                              Me: Tee hee hee :D
Hello, male. 'Tis I, your little sadistic sister. May you have a tott-tacular evening.
Is it just me, or is this totally a Lemon waiting to happen?
Wait...the Matsuno brothers are 6...then there's you...then there's Mom...that's 8.
                              HOLY FRACK WHERE THE FRACK IS DAD