Stolen Love Yandere X Reader

Stolen Love Yandere X Reader

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I_Is_a_UNICORN_777 By I_Is_a_UNICORN_777 Updated Sep 04

You are a high school student and it is the first day of senior year! Not only that but it is also the two year anniversary of you and your boyfriend, Mark in a few weeks!But a new kid arrives, he seems to REALLY like you. What he does behind your back terrifies you. Murders of your friends start popping up. 

This description is literally crap, It doesn't even make sense anymore! Anyway the way I write my stories is this, I just go with the flow, I just write whatever my brain thinks so yeah.


Sanji_Kunn Sanji_Kunn Oct 23
Either way, with the name Sean and Mark in this, I'm imaging Jacksepticeye and Markiplier. ((: #Septiplier
Lily is the name of my 10 year old sis, Seon is my stalker, and Allie is the name of my acquaintance/friend. Wow...
                              those girls I've read about them in another YouTuber book on here once.. AM I WRONG, AUTHOR-CHAN?!
Sparkle566 Sparkle566 Sep 22
This would be second person, not third. Great story, though!
Fedora-Chan Fedora-Chan Nov 07
OMG he's my soulmate first he has silver/white hair and now we're talking about anime
You're damn right I'm smart and if you try to hurt ANYONE I will beat the living heck outta u