Stolen Love Yandere X Reader

Stolen Love Yandere X Reader

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I_Is_a_UNICORN_777 By I_Is_a_UNICORN_777 Updated Jan 01, 2017

You are a high school student and it is the first day of senior year! Not only that but it is also the two year anniversary of you and your boyfriend, Mark in a few weeks!But a new kid arrives, he seems to REALLY like you. What he does behind your back terrifies you. Murders of your friends start popping up. 

This description is literally crap, It doesn't even make sense anymore! Anyway the way I write my stories is this, I just go with the flow, I just write whatever my brain thinks so yeah.


  • blood
  • horror
  • love
  • xreader
  • yandere
  • yanderexreader
DivineTurtleCakes DivineTurtleCakes Sep 26, 2017
Ok What? You don't get me to like you from killing all my friends 😑
SirHawk101 SirHawk101 Jan 02
I was in a car accident a few weeks ago I blame the deer that hit our windshield
June-Oppa June-Oppa Oct 21, 2017
I'll gladly be yours but first I'll need this list of things..
                              1. FOOD
                              2. sweetzzzzz
                              3. Money
                              4. More money
                              5. A PET MONKEY!!!
                              6.a dragon
                              7.a unicorn
                              And last but not least
                              8. My boyfriend!!!!!!
yang_yungi yang_yungi Mar 30
My paranoid self would’ve turned around so fast and searched the whole area😂
Sednaliv Sednaliv Jan 07
Uhhh how did he get in my house... it has a pin on the door...
AnimeFanpersonQuotev AnimeFanpersonQuotev Dec 13, 2017
I always get up early in the morning on the first day at school, but then the next day I'm like dead