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This story is completed! Part 2 is up though, so go read and comment there :)


A place for you to request one shots for you and an NBA player and I'll write it for you! I'm taking all requests :)

Cover credit to @kingsmaria :)

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AgapeLovexx AgapeLovexx Aug 24, 2016
Name: Kam 
                              Player: Marquese Chris
                              Looks: You know that 😂
                              Scenario: Best friends with Tyler Ulis and Devin Booker and they invite me to a Suns party and we met and start talking or w.e. 😂
                              Thanks in advance 😊💜
80s90sTeen 80s90sTeen Oct 03, 2016
                              Stephen curry 
                              Curly blonde hair, tan skin, blue eyes, tall but thin.
                              Funny, intelligent, shy
                              He's my husband and its my birthday and I pick up my daughter Riley and my son Ryan from my friends and he throws me a surprise party!
TempestSierra24 TempestSierra24 Nov 12, 2016
                              Jimmy Butler 
                              DARK SKIN ,A LITTLE CHUBBY, SWEET,SHY, insecure ,Funny , 4 foot 9 with glasses
                              Jimmy and I have been dating for 6 months and he finds out that I have depression and I cut because I think that he could do better than me
SheeriosFangurl SheeriosFangurl Jul 22, 2016
                              Aaron Gordon
                              5'6 brown hair, brown eyes, a bit thick 
                              I'm the on job trainee physical therapist of Orlando Magic...and I was assigned to aaron...
bridgette_marie bridgette_marie Jul 22, 2016
Name: Scott McCarlin
                              NBA Player: Tyus Jones
                              Looks: Shoulder length frizzy red curls that are tinged brown, brown eyes, freckles all over her face, 5'5" 
                              Scenario: Scott and Tyus are good friends, and Scott is talking to Tyus after the loss of a game
karItowns karItowns Aug 01, 2016
                              Appearance does not matter
                              Surprise me with the scenario😊