My Pathological Teacher •WilliamFichtner✔️• COMPLETED

My Pathological Teacher •WilliamFichtner✔️• COMPLETED

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Elizabeth Bayh❤🍷 By 46Nova_Lucius Completed

Elizabeth Shepherd is a typical moody 16 year old girl. She has a bright future in political science, and wants to help many succeed as well as herself.  She was excited and expected to do well on her first day of her junior year, but became less comfortable around the newest biology teacher there. As this feeling grew towards him, she became paranoid of him watching her every move, until one day he ended that for her. 

By taking her away from everyone but himself. 

Completed: June 9th, 2016 

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€ This is a Semi-True story €

<Niklaus Bayh: LeePace>
<Elizabeth Shepherd: PhoebeTonkin>
<Byron White: WilliamFichtner>
<Detective Roy: A.J. Cook>
<Ronnie: David Beckham
<Carolyn Shepherd: Paget Brewster>
<Lilith Wade: NinaDobrev> 



-Love Triangle from Hell
-Rape Contents-
-Stalker Behavior-
-Age Gap-
~You have been warned~

Laurenlollyxx Laurenlollyxx Oct 02, 2016
I like how this hasn't gone straight into the creepy stalking shazzle , well done author :)
-pureless -pureless Aug 09, 2016
im having such a hard time enjoying this bc i keep imagining the unattractive old man in the first chapters pic
Amani_jones Amani_jones Oct 29, 2016
Its cool how their parents get to travel the country when they have a teenage dauhter she must have a nice break
EmotionlessOtakuBro EmotionlessOtakuBro Jul 25, 2016
Damn that quick? The dude needs to chill at least till the 4th chapter
Soap_Bubblez Soap_Bubblez Jul 27, 2016
I like the way how you started the book. You got straight to the point and started the plot.....luv it
Little_Kimichan Little_Kimichan Jul 25, 2016
Roses are red
                              Thorns are prickly 
                              Let's just say
                              That escalated quickly 
                              Dang I love that poem