Percy Jackson x Reader-The Lightning Thief

Percy Jackson x Reader-The Lightning Thief

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(Y/N) is a daughter of Apollo that went on a quest with Percy, Annabeth, and Grover to find Zeus's missing master bolt.

No harsh comments please this is my first book on Wattpad.

This is a Percy Jackson x reader during the Lightning Thief. I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING AT ALL. THIS BOOK IS BASED ON THE NOVEL/MOVIE BY RICK RIORDAN!!

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Indigo eyes and sea green eyes. Hmmm, I wonder what our children would look like.
Aria_Blazze Aria_Blazze Sep 20
Light pink hair that goes down to the middle of her back. Her cobalt eyes look lapis in the light
Long ginger red hair with freckles and emerald eyes with a slight Irish accent...... Yeh that's how I look and talk -3-
tyzoriana tyzoriana Jul 04
Short, coily, brunette with chocolate colored eyes (which don't spark sadly)
Long, burgundy hair with red eyes. As in, instead of hazel, they are red. Not red like I've been crying.
Long Raven black hair with indigo colored eyes. How the heck would indigo colored eyes sparkle?!?!