Percy Jackson x Reader-The Lightning Thief

Percy Jackson x Reader-The Lightning Thief

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(Y/N) is a daughter of Apollo that went on a quest with Percy, Annabeth, and Grover to find Zeus's missing master bolt.

No harsh comments please this is my first book on Wattpad.

This is a Percy Jackson x reader during the Lightning Thief. I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING AT ALL. THIS BOOK IS BASED ON THE NOVEL/MOVIE BY RICK RIORDAN!!

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Emanis110 Emanis110 Feb 25
I'm the daughter of Hades but i guess i can be the daughter of Apollo
I just found out a way to knock out people!!! PUT AMBROSIA IN THEIR MOUTH!!!
thaliasis thaliasis Mar 24
Brown eyes and greenish-blue eyes.... ok? BUT GURL YOU JUST MET HIM!!!!!!
I love your stories so much! I especially like all the detail and time you put into your stories! So much that I must add that I decided to follow you. If you are reading this, I thank you for your time. #spreadthejoy
Brown hair with blue ends and brown eyes but my parents said I had blue eyes when I was a baby!?
pyroamazon pyroamazon Mar 24
Brown. Brown all over. Brown hair, brown eyes, brown skin. Only parts of my body that’s actually white are my teeth and the outside of my pupils sis