And you? || Yandere twins X reader ||

And you? || Yandere twins X reader ||

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"And you?" Asks the young boy. "What's your name?" Finishes the other twin. They both stare at you, waiting for an answer.
This is another Yandere story after many loved my first one, Yandere Neko X reader! Hope you like just as much!
Yandere Twins X reader!

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•Yandere Neko X reader

Up next: 
•Yandere Werewolf X reader
Creds of cover: otakuforevz <3 thanks!

WARNING: may contain violent, bloody, and intimate scenes.

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. You may continue reading.


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DarlingDamnable DarlingDamnable Dec 12, 2017
Yay, happy butterflies. In my stomach. Yay, digesting happy butterflies.
XxLuna111xX XxLuna111xX 3 days ago this what my life was back when I was six?? Cause I got NO MEMORIES of a BISH INSULTING ME IN  
                               MY OWN HOME...
Just so u guys know I’m six and when I was six in real life I was gosh darn idiot who basically knew nothing lol
_Paraga_ _Paraga_ Oct 01, 2017
stop calling my maid fat! <why do i have a maid? HOW RICH AM I?!>
Bye-again Bye-again Sep 02, 2017
Ok Hikaru and gender swaped Karou is that you?
                              Or vise versa
NyanKittyChan NyanKittyChan Dec 22, 2017
No, the girl is Rin, and the boy is Len! I hope you like your name! Your never allowed to change it again! o(〃^▽^〃)o