And you? (Yandere twins X reader)

And you? (Yandere twins X reader)

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"And you?" Asks the young boy. "What's your name?" Finishes the other twin. They both stare at you, waiting for an answer.
This is another Yandere story after many loved my first one, Yandere Neko X reader! Hope you like just as much!
Yandere Twins X reader!

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Creds of cover: otakuforevz <3 thanks!

WARNING: may contain violent, bloody, and intimate scenes.

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. You may continue reading.


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it is boring, i am an only child, and my dad travels for work, and my mom works until late, so i spend a lot of time with my grandma
Its sad that I automatically think blue now XD (my hair is blue irl)
Are they yet, are here yet! Are they, are they, ARE THEY HEEEEERE!!!! Please say yaaaaaasssss!!!!
Well I wouldn't like to play wid them....they are yanderes afterall. And I can already sense it from their FIRST arrival. And besides, they are 11 and.....they might play roughly too.....since they are yanderes afterall
MayisGone MayisGone Jun 15
                              Has anybody watched the box trolls yet? Probably have, but the fat maid in the beginning reminds me of the red hat leader when he ate the cheese lol.
I didn't know people could shake their necks 
                              The more you know