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And you? || Yandere twins X reader ||

And you? || Yandere twins X reader ||

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YanderousOtaku By yanderousOtaku Completed

"And you?" Asks the young boy. "What's your name?" Finishes the other twin. They both stare at you, waiting for an answer.
This is another Yandere story after many loved my first one, Yandere Neko X reader! Hope you like just as much!
Yandere Twins X reader!

Also Completed: 
•Yandere Neko X reader

Up next: 
•Yandere Werewolf X reader
Creds of cover: otakuforevz <3 thanks!

WARNING: may contain violent, bloody, and intimate scenes.

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. You may continue reading.


2nd book made

BTSNinja14 BTSNinja14 Jul 14
My six-year-d self would say, "You want me to do what now? You're crazy!! MOOOOM!"
AmyDiaz669 AmyDiaz669 Jun 29
lmao bye im gonna go not do that and like learn to read a book or something bye
What, I like the color of my soul. Why isn't everything black?
Everyone: Light?! As in, Light Yagami?! (That includes me).
                              This fanfic better be good.
BTSNinja14 BTSNinja14 Jul 14
Ya know what? I-I don't wanna play anymore. You see, I......have a LOT of work to do aaaand my room i-it's just a me-
                              Mom: But your room is fine sweetie! Haha. Don't worry about her, she just gets SO excited that she...forgets things. You three have fun!
                              CURSE MY OCD!!! UGH!! DAMMIT MOM!
BTSNinja14 BTSNinja14 Jul 14
Umm..the thing is...When I was 6, I tended to draw on my dolls with red marker.. But otherwise, they're fine! Even though, whenever I played for more than 15 minutes, I'd get bored and look for my teddy bear or just read. Hehe.. Yeahhhh...I was weird.