Because I Love You✔️

Because I Love You✔️

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(Highest Ranking - #8 in Fantasy!!!!! ❤) -- Xaphile Heseroph wasn't exactly the best at being the boy-next-door. Shy, clumsy, and highly insecure with his life as a whole - he was the complete opposite of his girlfriend, a bubbly nerd named Ella. But like Yin and Yang, the two of them were inseparable... at least, until the night of Ella's sixteenth birthday, when she died in his arms after an unexpected shooting.

Traumatized and blinded by grief, Xaphile took his own life only three months later on his seventeenth birthday, but instead of finding his much-expected peace in the afterlife, he somehow ended up on a parallel world called Atlas as an almost monstrous-looking version of himself.

Trapped in the kingdom of Aerika, a bizarre place chock full of things like magic, elves, orcs, demons, faeries, squirrel-riding women, assassins, a tyrannical hierarchy, and everything else under the sun, he finds himself very confused and depressed. But before he can begin to make sense of anything, he's captured and caged like an animal by a ruthless girl who looks and sounds exactly like his late girlfriend.

Is this his own, personal hell?

Or is it a second chance?

And if it is a second chance... does he even want to take it?


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I personally don't like those things copy and paste/tweet/ or something messages.
Been meaning to read this for a while(just been so busy) But saw the new cover and wow, it looks amazing! <3
IsMeNadia IsMeNadia Jan 13
Not all the male models are beefy, good looking or masculine.
I really hated the movies, my best friend keeps saying the books are better. But the Percy Jackson movies sucked while the books were amazing...So I’m thinking about it.
@Aaron_Ledgers am I supposed to start Dreamland comments here or at the Prologue?
XD painful. I did a similar thing once with fantasy cliches specifically.