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Because I Love You

Because I Love You

27K Reads 2.3K Votes 100 Part Story
Jedediah B. By Aaron_Ledgers Updated Apr 07

(Highest Ranking - #8 in Fantasy!!!!! ❤) -- Reality cannot be changed and things that have already happened are set in stone. At least, that's what seventeen-year-old Xaphile Heseroph believed before HIS reality turned upside down. Three months after his girlfriend was killed in a shooting, he took his own life and woke up as a monstrous-looking mirror image of himself on a parallel world. But how can a boy who wants to die find redemption in the face of pure hatred?
And who the hell is the ruthless girl that looks and sounds so much like his late girlfriend that he mistook her identity?

Why do they have the same name?

Why do they have the same face?

Why does she hate his existence so much?

Is this situation his own, personal hell?
Or is it a second chance?
And if it is a second chance... does he even want to take it?
Copyright © by Aaron Ledgers. All rights reserved.

I'm confused as to what is gained by using ellipses over commas.
This is so intriguing and you've left me hungry for more! Great start, man!
Andicook Andicook Feb 10
Great prologue. It's hooked me immediately. Very dramatic. I'm not sure why it's in italics, though.
                              I actually found this quite enjoyable and overall I managed every little detail, from the tree falling, to the rocks that fell from the cliff. Now this is a prologue that makes you want to know what happened and pulls you into the story.
Wow, this was a great beginning! I feel bad for the poor girl. There are no mistakes in grammar or spelling, and I loved how you described everything. Well done! 😀
As you know I've loved this book from the beginning also it's nice to see the new prologue. It still has the same power as the original but also its own extra flare.