His Broken Angel

His Broken Angel

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For a second I turned my back when I felt strong arms grab my waist and pull me back. Reese forced me to sit on his lap as I felt his lips near my neck. "You really want me to leave?" he whispered in my ear with that deep voice of his. 

"Y-Yes," I stuttered. My heartbeat quickened as he planted a kiss right near my earlobe. Why was he doing this to me!? 

"But I just got here," Reese repeated. 

This time I didn't prepare myself since he began to plant soft kisses on my neck, I bit hard on my lips. Reese's hands traveled up my body until they met my stomach, my breath quickening. 

"Tempted?" his soft but alluring voice asked me. 

I could've nodded but I was too focused on the fact that his hand was right at my stomach. Instead I turned my head back and smirked before planting a soft kiss on his cheeks. "Maybe," I whispered. 

Maggie Rosewood is new to the town, and she's not your typical girl. With a dark past and dangerous habits, she isn't planning on getting any attention from anybody at her new HighSchool. 

Reese Matthews is the exact opposite. He loves the attention and makes sure he gets it 24/7. But after one good look at Maggie, he will make sure that she is his girl.

****This story also includes self harm and bulimia, just a warning.

Also, @XxUrban_WriterXx for the amazing cover. 

And @LostGirl01Dee for the name.

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Like, I know this is only a book, but maybe not throw those kind of references around if you don't know what they all mean?
kKate112 kKate112 Sep 02
Lol you know what I hate guys? when somebody shames somebody for having insecurities . Just because they're beautiful in your eyes doesn't mean they're beautiful in their eyes. Smh ( not relating to the first comments lmao just before somebody attacks me )
SuggyStyle SuggyStyle Aug 05
omg that's almost my name but since mine will never be in a book i'm gonna fan girl about this name 😭😭😭😭😭
I just read the book where the girl says anywhore so this was weird to me😂