And Tell Me You Love Me (Jalex)

And Tell Me You Love Me (Jalex)

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Alex Gaskarth is a nobody. He's just one small speck that walks the world alone and barely makes it by. He's lived off of his parents ever since he graduated, but now that they've moved back to England and left him in Baltimore, he's barely able to pay to put food on the table. He doesn't have a job (and doesn't care to get one) so the only way that he's able to make money is playing guitar in the local park, but what happens one day when he's approached by a stranger who just so happens to also be a part of the richest family in Baltimore?

Jack Barakat is a somebody. Being one of the four children of a wealthy industry owner, he pretty much has enough money to buy whatever he wants and more. He enjoys having money, but there's one problem... Eventually the money runs out and the fact that his father has an obsession with alcohol and his mother is addicted to cocaine isn't helping any. He thought he could have all the fun being rich, but he's at the point where he realizes that the money will eventually get to your head and he wants out of that life. That's when he stumbles across a man playing guitar in the park. That's when he realizes that he may get the chance to live "normally" for once.

This is a story I am cowriting on mibba.
Jack's point of view: Me, c0l0urfultears
Alex's point of view: My coauthor, @EmptySighsAndWine

Title credit: Get Down On Your Knees And Tell Me You Love Me - All Time Low
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PhanicS PhanicS Sep 09
this is my second jalex fic. first one made me cry like a little baby, so i'm hoping this is really good
PhanicS PhanicS Sep 09
hey jack man, i could really use a 10 right now because there's this really good ice cream that i wanna get 
                              thanks ma dude
I was about to say "how do they report deaths in newspapers" then I remembered in my country you put up a poster of people who died in your family in streets
ptvfrnkie ptvfrnkie Aug 28
She's a gold digger. She's a mtherfckin gold digger. Oooooh!
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