Age of Blood

Age of Blood

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Siryn   Sueng By SirynSueng Updated May 30, 2016

Talyn V'lyn; son of an assassin, part of the worlds largest guild, and talents that out strip his father. He is praised for being one of the best in the guild, and that's saying something if he's better than his father, the guild leader. 

Things are very black and white for Talyn. There is good and there is evil. There is death and there is life. 

Until things get more complicated and the grey matter in between his 'black and white' world makes itself known to him in the form of a wounded young man. Ivren is something of an enigma to Talyn. Ivren doesn't divulge much of where he came from or why he was knocking on deaths door before Talyn saved him on a whim. 

But when Talyn learns Ivren is one of very few dragon's left, even a reaper of night can fear what comes after him.

  • action
  • adult
  • assassin
  • creatures
  • dark
  • dragons
  • drama
  • lgbtq
  • romance
  • yaoi
Ray_Chan Ray_Chan Mar 17, 2016
Wow, this has really improved a lot, especially with the added descriptors. Can't wait to read more
Ray_Chan Ray_Chan Mar 16, 2016
I'm better with my grammar and syntax than I am with writing the actual story, so I can definitely help in that aspect :p
Tsunai5 Tsunai5 Jun 06, 2016
This was a wonderful start to what is bound to be a beautiful epic. The characterization is on point, and the exchange between characters, primarily the heated quips Sever and Talyn exchanged, were a joy to a read. I expect the next few chapters won't let me down.
Amelia_Vale Amelia_Vale Mar 19, 2016
*hands you coffee* I loved this! The edits were smooth and idk what anyone below me said, probably lots a edits, so I'm just here for support and to give you over internet coffee from Carey's!
majamean majamean Mar 17, 2016
@Cross_Valachi I agree, maybe it would sound better, if it said: 'Someone tipped him off', I thought, as I frowned at the dead body.
                              And perhaps the -in- could be replaced with -at-killing him. (not sure though)
LucasSamuel495 LucasSamuel495 Jun 07, 2016
Holy hell that was an awesome first chapter - I'm lovin' the back and forth between Sever and Talyn.