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Creepypasta Parent Scenarios

Creepypasta Parent Scenarios

42K Reads 832 Votes 18 Part Story
Nina Campbell By XxNinaCampbellxX Updated Sep 05, 2016

Characters are:
~Jeff The Killer
~BEN Drowned
~Ticci Toby
~Eyeless Jack
~Laughing Jack
~Jason The Toymaker
~Jane The Killer
~Nina The Killer

Moabie Moabie Dec 11, 2016
In sane I tell you 
                              Well that me can't lie about THAT
Dark_Love_CP Dark_Love_CP 3 days ago
Smiley: I am no ordinary doctor
                              Man: Obviously Captain obvious
                              Me: Thank you Lieutenant sarcasm, now go meet the president is probably a fate worse than dying I mean it's Donald Trump man
SinsandLies SinsandLies Dec 28, 2016
That could've been easily a trap. Like who da fq tells a kid "wanna come home with me?" But tbh i was a really gullible child. ._.
Dark_Love_CP Dark_Love_CP 3 days ago
                              What's it gonna be like when I get a boyfriend?! θ_θ
Antlerca Antlerca Jan 13
I'm curious is it the old or modern Jason?
                              Colored or monochrome?
                              I'm going for colored
Sassysans Sassysans Jan 24
Princess:My hero
                              Toby:Um I gotta go, bye
                              Princess:Wait you have to marry after you save me. 
                              Toby:Yeah, I don't like you 
                              Princess:Marry me
                              Toby:Listen your cute and all but I don't like you 
                              Princess:LOVE ME
                              Toby: *kills her* yeah, no bitch *walk's away like a boss*