Daddies Princess (ON HOLD FOR IDK HOW LONG)

Daddies Princess (ON HOLD FOR IDK HOW LONG)

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Paranormal_Goddess By His_Bratty_Kitten Updated Nov 28, 2017

Lilac Delane ran away from her ninth foster home at the age of 15, with only the clothes on her back and a smile on her face. Now a year later, that smile is still there even though she's technically homeless and if she's found they'll just send her back to her last foster 'home'.

One rainy day, as Lilac rushed to get out of the bad weather to somewhere safe and dry, she runs into what seemed like a brick wall. When she looked up, she realized that she was in the arms of two men. 

"Hello," the one in front said. "Where are you off to so fast princess?"

I blushed and looked down at my rain soaked shoes and said, "N-n-no where. I'm j-just tr-rying to g-get out of the r-rain."

"Would you like to come to our home for awhile, to wait out this storm, princess,"  the one in front spoke again.

I was going to tell him yes when my vision began to blur. My head began to hurt and my body felt funny. My world went dark.


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Please change your book cover. A 5 year old on the cover of a ddlg book makes this look very pedophile
mommapunkin mommapunkin Jul 23, 2017
MIDDLE AGED MEN!!! Are they in their 50's?,  Because that's middle age....
PurpleAndGrammar PurpleAndGrammar Dec 28, 2017
She's beautiful... She's sleeping... This reminds me of something.
                              Me: bītch he wasn’t ready no I wasn’t ready
Incorrect_meme Incorrect_meme Oct 19, 2017
In the end, they're the ones who got together 😂😂😂😂 lol jk.....lowkey shipping them!
You shouldn't do that. Write a story cause you like it. Like it turns people away from your story. What if someone really really liked your story so they voted. Now the votes say 3. And they want it to say 5 but they can only vote once. What now..... see.