Fangs and Claws

Fangs and Claws

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Yori Shima By TheEternalWolf Updated Aug 08, 2017

[Book One/?]

[FemaleReaderInsert, Takes place in Naruto: Shonen Jump(Anime), Swears/cursing, slight gore, death, and awkwardness.]

You were born into the Ōkamizoku clan with a secret. The spirit of the shadow wolf, Kage was sealed inside of you at birth. Being hated throughout your clan without knowing why did have it's downs but when your very own father betrayed your mother, sister, and your clan was something you would have never seen coming. You vowed revenge...

  • gaara
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  • itachi
  • kakashi
  • naruto
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  • sakura
  • sasuke
  • temari
RosyBow02 RosyBow02 Aug 04, 2017
Why does that remind me of something that kingdom hearts would do? 😂
SapphiresNGems SapphiresNGems Jul 31, 2017
That was intense and creepy and dark and I...absolutely....LOVED IT~
Killuatheassassin452 Killuatheassassin452 Apr 23, 2017
I'm pleasantly surprised, most people can't spell imōto right the first time, and for some reason people think that 'Older Sister' is onee-chan when in reality it's onēsan (srsly, look it up if you didn't know)
Enderscore92 Enderscore92 Apr 01, 2017
Tsunade, the drinking gambler. Her teammates consist of a Percy sage named Joriyah, and an evil snake summoning guy named Orochimaru.
NamikazeMiyato NamikazeMiyato Dec 20, 2017
Hello Darkness, My old friend.
                              I've come to talk with you again.
Killuatheassassin452 Killuatheassassin452 Apr 23, 2017
My nickname is both (yes, I have two) Vixen and Kage (Vixen is from my HP patronus which is a fox and Kage is because I basically live in the dark)