Rise of Sectoria

Rise of Sectoria

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Frostdragon1056 By Frostdragon1056 Updated Mar 03, 2017

It is the year 2790, merely three months after Sectoria was liberated from the Concillian Empire. The once-peaceful Sectorians have now become one of the galaxy's greatest military powers, wielding technology that was once thought to be purely fictional. Will the Concillians have allies fighting on their side, or will they fight alone against their greatest enemy?

(Please don't criticise any images in this story for being terrible. I know I'm bad at drawing, but you need a better idea of what the stuff in this story looks like)

(P.s. I suggest you read Latrovius if you haven't already, otherwise everything will make much less sense in this book.)

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Nibbets Nibbets Jan 31
I dig the drawings, puts an image in my head I can use when reading
prbthomson prbthomson Aug 14, 2017
I'm impressed with your freehand drawing. Alot of information that helps alot.
gordonjames gordonjames Mar 28, 2016
You need to proof read your chap Lets see what you've got.  :-)ters.  :-)
SonicRainboom345 SonicRainboom345 Oct 14, 2016
I'm sorry, but I can't help asking if you meant magazines, instead of clips. There is a large difference in function and technology level.
kasross kasross May 15, 2016
Interesting start. Are we friends or enemies with the Sectorians?
gordonjames gordonjames Mar 28, 2016
Now how did that happen.  LOL that's supposed to be chapters but couldn't see bottom line of typing. Keep on writing you've got a good series started.