Practically A Slave *Hiatus*

Practically A Slave *Hiatus*

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Future writer? By WhisperedLightning Updated Oct 03, 2016

Note to self, when a sign says DANGER... it means it.

Aria is less than thrilled when she falls into the world of ninja. She's defenseless and has no idea where she is or how to get back to her own world. The only thing standing in her way is the Sasuke Uchiha.

After waking up with the rouge glaring down at her, she accidentally lets slip her knowledge and is forced to concoct a lie to keep from being killed. A prisoner and tool of the former Leaf ninja, she is dragged along on his crusade for revenge. Jumbled and passed from one jailer to another it's obvious that she needs to make a run for it. 

Meanwhile, time is slowly running out, the count down to the final battle and the end of her usefulness, looming ever closer. That is... Until her lie begins to ring true.

  • aria
  • death
  • future
  • karin
  • kidnapped
  • lies
  • madara
  • naruto
  • orochimaru
  • past
  • practically
  • recruit
  • sasuke
  • shippuden
  • slave
  • suigetsu
  • sweetheart
  • truth
  • uchiha
RubysReign RubysReign Oct 28, 2015
I like this  when I read the summary it sounded cliche and boring but it's not you did Naruto Shippiden justice.
Transcendent-Host Transcendent-Host Jun 29, 2015
I do love your writing though, it's really dynamic and really draws the reader in. I actually read this before I got an account so when I found it again I had to reread it to get reacquainted with it. Awesome job!
- - Nov 27, 2014
Can I just say Sasuke—though he'd go through most (not all) lengths to get his revenge—wouldn't keep someone hostage until death?  He gave Suigetsu, Jugo, and Karin a choice—he asked them if they'd team with him.
Harumi_Uchiha Harumi_Uchiha Jun 18, 2014
>:D Read he first page and determined that this I a FUDGING AWESOME story.
SummerWonders SummerWonders Jun 12, 2014
OMG I love it so good better than other fanfics about sasugay in my opinion.
Vampy_Ngo Vampy_Ngo Jun 01, 2014
I saw this book and went fangirl mode. It. Is. So. Fu*k**g. Amazing