Here Kitty Kitty! (Neko!reader x Sans)

Here Kitty Kitty! (Neko!reader x Sans)

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Parasite Rabbit By AriannaAnna1 Updated Mar 17

Okay, so this is a story about the reader and their troubles with their cat ears. (And Sans)

Requests will always be open until I say so in one of the chapters, but I assure you that won't happen any time soon!~

Hope you enjoy!

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ChocoDreemurr ChocoDreemurr Aug 16, 2017
Hey ground! Meet body! Be good! *ground kills body*
                              Ground: Sucker =)
Shiapai-Derk Shiapai-Derk Sep 14, 2017
NO WAY MAN!!! Ground is so mean!!!!
                              Ground: I'm going to kill you
romulous romulous Jul 16, 2017
Honestly it hard to tell. I've had thoughts about running away but never really talked about it so no-one knew
- - Aug 06, 2016
Aren't I a cat? I'll probably just land on my feet. *jazz hands* BECAUSE SCIENCE!!!
smolsupportivecookie smolsupportivecookie Jul 18, 2016
*falls* *sees darkness* 
                              Hello Darkness
                              My old friend 
                              I have to talk
                              To you again 
Scarlett_N Scarlett_N Oct 05, 2016
Eyy Scaaarlett
                              Scarlett: What? 
                              It's a neko
                              Scarlett: so
                              Scarlett: FOR THE LAST TIME I'M A FOX PERSON NOT A GOD DA-*takes a quick look at frisk and papyrus* RN CAT!!!
                              Lol flustered soooo easily