Daddy e.d

Daddy e.d

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B By bellamarie28 Updated May 20, 2016

"Who's your daddy?" He said turning around to face me.

"Um Excuse me?" I gulped.

He gave me an evil smile.

"Take your pants off."

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Imaanxx735 Imaanxx735 Dec 03
She got washed up at sea and gave birth to a little boy called Tarzan and then she got eaten alive by a mothafucking tiger!!! 😂
Hi I’m basic; I have such social anxiety I introduced myself as that to my friends sister
Imaanxx735 Imaanxx735 Dec 03
Imagine that hairbrush was a dildo instead of a hairbrush!! 😂😂😂
Since when was the bitches mother amber rose I’m confused. I’m over here working poles to go to college and this 6 year old running into random clubs like my mama work here
Imaanxx735 Imaanxx735 Dec 03
You can’t just go around asking little children if they want to take pictures with you Dafuq?? 😂
ethans- ethans- 3 days ago
i was walking passed a strip club in new york and my auntie said not to look. guess what bitch
                              I LOOKED, savage enough yet?