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Daddy e.d

Daddy e.d

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B By drunkdolan Updated May 20, 2016

"Who's your daddy?" He said turning around to face me.

"Um Excuse me?" I gulped.

He gave me an evil smile.

"Take your pants off."

this sounds so much like gossip girl. mainly chuck bass. i love this!
That's what I think about every time I go set or stand on something really high 😂
It's like my parents moved next to the church and now I'm a nun
Omfg WHAT IS THIS 😂 I just choked on my water cringing. Omfg for some reason o hate it when people say daddy in that term. It's so disgusting to me lol. I just cringe thinking of it
I want a whore until I tried pizza, then I was going to EVERY pizza place
Ah. Bitch I owe you nothing, but you owe me a new god damn brush.