conspiracy theories

conspiracy theories

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book of conspiracy theories, urban legends, mysterious deaths, rituals, etc. 


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TooLitLele TooLitLele Aug 18, 2017
Peter Pan is actually a very dark and twisted story. They just sugar coated it for the children.
ASideYouNeverSaw08 ASideYouNeverSaw08 Jul 05, 2017
I've thought this. That Neverland was Heven. And Peter was an angel. That's why he was able to fly. And the list boys were not able to return home. But if that's the case, What are the pirates?
sugaredd sugaredd May 27, 2017
isnt this literally the real story???
                              i don't think it's a theory
PeacefulAngels PeacefulAngels Oct 19, 2017
How did those kids in the main story die then? I'm just really curious.
EmmaLoura EmmaLoura Jan 08
Nice close read of the story. It's too bad the rector at the Catholic school I went to never considered that.  The juniors wanted to throw my class a Neverland themed party but the idea was shot down as being "not religious enough". It was real annoying! :-P
-psychotropics -psychotropics Nov 02, 2017
this seems legit, but i also have a theory(this probably has been said by others but whatever):
                              peter pan was evil. “neverland” was actually a sort of hell. it seemed perfect, but it wasn’t.
                              the pirates were actually just trying to save the children.