Nevermore |Alien/Mpreg|

Nevermore |Alien/Mpreg|

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Nottie By Filiska Updated Aug 10

On a routine trip to Earth, Tristram's space craft crash lands on an X-classed planet called 3-N81. 

He gets a little more than a fair greeting by it's oversexed inhabitants, that want nothing more than to breed and have him carry their spawn.

Warnings: This story contains Xenophilia(aliens) and male impregnation. This story does have a progressing plot with short chapters, but the story as a whole will be long, so don't worry. 


TadashiHiro TadashiHiro Mar 21
Yes! It's an mpreg too. Thank the Lords.
                              I am very excited for this story.
Ahh... The good ol ' parent threat hanging over your head.  Never fails to exist.
- - Mar 21
Oooh.  Hopefully short chapters equal fast updates. Seems interesting.
Crash landed on a strange planet, first thought "My fathers going to kill me." What happened to "I'm alive!"
Mihaliel Mihaliel Mar 22
Poor Tristram lol. All alone on an alien planet. He needs a bit of loving.  XD
Wait!! Before I start reading this, could someone please explain what the tags mean?