She Ran

She Ran

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saralynn. By wolfxlynn Completed

COMPLETED and slowly (very slowly) editing


Toni Johnson was never a social butterfly. She kept to herself and never questioned her superiors. Toni was at the bottom of the food chain, the omega of the Faded Night Pack. At age sixteen she was rejected by her mate, Colton Lockwood, her packs alpha. The one person who was supposed to love her unconditionally and make her feel like she was the only girl in the world tore her heart out of her chest and crushed it. He humilated her until she could take no more. And that's when she ran.

She was tired of all the abuse, both verbally and physically. She was weak and didn't know what to do. Pathetic they used to call her, and she began to believe it. No one wanted her until she was gone.

Five years have passed since the Faded Night Pack has seen her and everyone thought she was dead. Boy were they wrong. The night she ran away she was found by the alpha of the Darkmoon Pack. Travis took little Toni in and his pack treated her as if she was one of their own. Toni was trained in all forms of combat since the Darkmoon Pack worked for the SIA, Supernatural Intelligence Agency, that were issued by the SSC, Supernatural Supreme Court.

One extreme assignment forces Toni Johnson to return to her hometown, the place where everything began. The Faded Night Pack have no idea who this 21 year old is and Toni wants to keep it that way. She will have her revenge and her bullies will pay for what they did, all while she is fighting rogues and solving mysterious murders.

Toni only has three targets.

Colton Lockwood.

Jasmine Grands.

Alex Johnson.

The mate, the best friend, and the brother. Correction. The EX mate, the EX best friend, and the EX brother.

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TheSugaToMyTea TheSugaToMyTea Jun 12, 2016
Hello! I'm writing my very first book and I would love it if someone were to read it and send some feedback! Thank you so much! I also love the plot to this book, so keep up the fabulous work 👍🏼👍🏼
stox4story stox4story Dec 16, 2016
Love the beginning ... and it sounds like she has revenge on her mind :)
Brownies4U18 Brownies4U18 Oct 06, 2014
The book sounds very interesting, can't wait to actually start reading it, just by the plot is eye catching..
KrystalSnow KrystalSnow Sep 13, 2014
I love how you reworked it! It was decent before and now it's even better! I look forward to reading it again!
wolfxlynn wolfxlynn Apr 10, 2014
@Kaylyn55 @purplemonkey36 it's megan fox. i think someone said that megan fox has weird thumbs. i don't know.
Luciano_Obsesser Luciano_Obsesser Mar 06, 2014
Plz update that was great update when u can I hope it's ASAP