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briannalorraine By briannalorraine Updated Jul 23

Take a trip inside of Morgan Carter's creative mind. Give sight into her tilted world. Learn about her upside down life. Make notice of her warm but screwed heart. She has a beautiful soul, no doubt, filled with gold. She's aspiring in life and trying to reach her dreams, only seeing dollar signs and green. 

Don't judge his gruesome ways. It's only the way he was raised. Be sensitive with your words because they could turn and burn. He'll break your heart before you can blink and win you over with just a wink. That smile of his is charming and believe me, he's far from boring. Come take a look at Pharaoh King's life and see if everything's just right.

She's the kind of girl your mom doesn't want you around and she'll steal your heart and leave you with a frown. She's all about her money so don't stand in her way. Don't mistake that sweet smile for anything more than what it is. She's only interested in one thing from men. Their money. So don't go falling for Kourtney Green. 

These three innocent souls are only looking for a way out of their own demon filled battles. Come take a walk on their journey.

fentykorss fentykorss Jul 08
income? he's abusing an innocent child and all you're worried ab is income? go to hell, sick bitch
Trendybandz Trendybandz 2 days ago
I hate people who only take in foster kids for the money smh
See he finna get served a lil asś whoopen early in the book
fentykorss fentykorss Jul 08
so he's abusive, a rapist and molester, and racist all in one? damn