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Kendall Grey By KendallGrey Completed

Athens, Georgia

"Mom. Dad. This is my ... uh ... boyfriend. Toombs. Jeff." Jinx inhales sharply. "You can just call him Toombs." She steps aside in the hallway of her parents' modest home to reveal every parent's worst nightmare: me.

Jinx's dad is a hulk of a man. Thick around the middle and almost as tall as he is wide, he looks me over from head to toe. There's plenty for him to inspect, all of it ... colorful. He takes his time slicing me open like broken glass. I steel myself for the impending questions-or maybe downright insults-and hang the closest thing I got to a smile on my face. Offering my right hand to her father, I say, "Nice to meet you, Mr. Donato."

His gaze lingers at my throat. "Boyfriend, huh?" He practically spits the words. His voice is gruff. His glare piercing. His grip firm. I flex, pumping a little extra muscle into the shake, and wait for him to let go before I do.

He turns to his wife and gestures to his neck as if I'm fucking invisible. "What's this...

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B00kishB1tch B00kishB1tch Mar 16, 2016
You know, this a bit at a time is a good/bad thing. I love it. I'm also dying for the next.
SandieCurney SandieCurney Mar 16, 2016
I've missed my husband so much *sigh* lol can't wait for more. You know I love these characters <3
ErinOBrien8 ErinOBrien8 Mar 18, 2016
Oh man it's just like a teaser but it's so good to see them xx
DawnBirch DawnBirch Mar 18, 2016
And my first plunge into Wattpad is Jinx and Toombs. A perfect taste,but never enough. Can't wait to read more. The anticipation is gonna wreck me ;)
B00kishB1tch B00kishB1tch Mar 17, 2016
That's actually SOOOOO romantic!  In a Kendall kind of way, of course.  But I'm so loving this.
DebbiPurcell DebbiPurcell Mar 15, 2016
What a great beginning... hated meeting the "parents"... but what have you got up your sleeve Ms. Grey???  Love you to bits! <3