Death by Granger

Death by Granger

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1998, August 1
Dear Hogwarts Student

As headmistress of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, I would like to invite you to return to redo your seventh year, or to study further, due to interruption by the Second Wizard War. Please reply before September 1 in order to secure a spot as you will have to repeat seventh year with the current seventh years. 

Sincerely, Professor McGonagall


Hermoine has a secret, a big one that three Slytherin boys seem to be very comfortable with. Not long into the school year and Ginny has discovered it while Hermoine is drunk. What will happen when her secret slips in front of everyone?

Malfoy has found a little girl that seems to be stuck to him like glue. He believes this is what his little sister would have looked like. What if it's not a coincidence that the little girl looks like his mother and shares a name with her and his Grandmother?

The war changed everyone, but which for better and which for worse?

16/03/16 - 2/04/16

evie1801 evie1801 May 08
This is the third time i have read this fic and love it every time.  looking forward to reading it again
Ummm I like how you've made granger have a turn of view written keep it up
Maybe she did stuff with him after she save him. Like sleeping maybe? And rally bonded
i think she might be a death eater or maybe she killed someone? because of the title of the book, you know
GraceInTheRain GraceInTheRain Nov 13, 2016
I wonder if her secret is saving Malfoy at the Battle of Howarts