My Possessive Stalker {ManxMan}

My Possessive Stalker {ManxMan}

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♛The 1975♛ By iloveu-dontumind Updated 3 days ago

Sad Eyes.
Bad Guys.
Mouth full of White Lies.

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[WARNING: BoyxBoy Mature Content interlocking with dark scenes and romance. Contains vivid violence and sexual content.]

AzzGem AzzGem Sep 30, 2016
You know, if you don't want him I'll gladly take him, cause damn he's so hot stalking and being a psycho and stuff
SamanthaLaurie SamanthaLaurie Aug 01, 2016
What? Tf if some guy told me to say that to someone I'd get that person to safety right away because I'll definitely knows something's up
AzzGem AzzGem Sep 30, 2016
OK, don't judge me but, WHY THE HELL DO I LIKE THIS STUFF, I want to be in his shoes but it won't be called rape more of making love cause....  You get the picture
PrinceDel PrinceDel May 08, 2016
dude, call the police, get a restraining order...something! 😣
ClosingGold0525 ClosingGold0525 Oct 20, 2016
I literally started hyperventilating when I saw how sexy those guys were
iloveu-dontumind iloveu-dontumind May 10, 2016
@bakafreak123 I fudging love you! And I'm glad haha that's what I'm aiming for ;) 💛❤️