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Fearless - A Fred Weasley Love Story

Fearless - A Fred Weasley Love Story

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AnotherHP_Lover By AnotherHP_Lover Updated Jan 16, 2012

Jennifer Black - the girl with a hidden past and  a terrible future. Could Fred Weasley save her from the dark path that lies ahead or will she be lost in the hideous truth of her life?

*COUGH COUGH* he dies *COUGH COUGH* Srry I think I have a cold
volleyball_unicorn volleyball_unicorn Aug 10, 2016
Jeez... He had to turn such a nice moment into " of course you'll never find someone as handsome as me " * cue eye roll *
that_nerd_moose that_nerd_moose Apr 25, 2016
Me: Please, take a seat 
                              Her: um... Who are you and why?
                              Me: oh *clears throat* I am a... loyal reader of minds, and what you just thought there... Yeah it is the last time 
                              Her: what?
                              Me: *shoves her back into the book* *yells* you'll see!
BeautifulMystery369 BeautifulMystery369 Aug 24, 2016
I didn't see the word portrait. I read I waved happily and walked out the hole. And I'm like what?!
BeautifulMystery369 BeautifulMystery369 Jul 26, 2016
Me trying to comfort someone. "Get you bloody arse down here so I can comfort you!!!"
394YearsOfWinter 394YearsOfWinter Sep 10, 2016
Girl: mum? Why do all the nicest people die?
                              Mum: if you were in a garden full of flowers, which ones would you pick?
                              Girl: the most beautiful ones
                              Mum: exactly