[ENG Translation] Are You Addicted? Vol 2 Ch 96-106

[ENG Translation] Are You Addicted? Vol 2 Ch 96-106

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Long story short: I felt like rereading the ending of the second volume of "Are You Addicted?", or in other words, the proposal & wedding chapters. So I thought, why not translate them as well?
This will only cover chapters 96 to 106 (minus ch 97).

Chinese title: 你丫上瘾了?
Author: Chai Ji Dan (柴鸡蛋)
Translator: me (kakelet)
Translated from: http://www.danmeila.com/xiandaidushi/3796.html

Obvious spoiler warnings for the grand finale of the book!!

Please do not repost! Quoting a few sentences here and there is fine, but please credit me ^^

(No, I'm not going to translate the entire novel or the events after season 1 of the web series. It's much too long  for me to do alone (volume 1 is 208 chapters, volume 2 is 106 chapters) and other translators have already taken up this project. I will, however, jump around the two volumes and translate my favourite chapters because translating is a hobby of mine. Thank you for understanding!)

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cagallichanlove cagallichanlove Jul 22, 2017
No matter how many times i read this, gu hai's devotion to bly never ceased to amaze me 😭 
                              I want to cry...
user56285522 user56285522 Oct 31, 2017
gu hais love reaaly has no limits  what a pure and beautiful way of love
bobs34 bobs34 Jul 17, 2017
omg!i crier so hard!😭😭😭i miss them so much❤️❤️❤️❤️
ShadesofJhay ShadesofJhay Jul 28, 2017
Good day mam.. May I know where can I possibly read chap.1-96? Thank yiu
EnigmaMuse EnigmaMuse Jun 21, 2017
Gu Hai!!! Your beyond words... If i were Bai Luoyin ,i'd have definitely crash landed!
Taebaebii Taebaebii Nov 02, 2017
They announce season 2 for this mini web drama 😍👌🏻👌🏻