[ENG Translation] Are You Addicted? Vol 2 Ch 96-106

[ENG Translation] Are You Addicted? Vol 2 Ch 96-106

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Angela By kakelet Updated Aug 26

Long story short: I felt like rereading the ending of the second volume of "Are You Addicted?", or in other words, the proposal & wedding chapters. So I thought, why not translate them as well?
This will only cover chapters 96 to 106 (minus ch 97).

Chinese title: 你丫上瘾了?
Author: Chai Ji Dan (柴鸡蛋)
Translator: me (kakelet)
Translated from: http://www.danmeila.com/xiandaidushi/3796.html

Obvious spoiler warnings for the grand finale of the book!!

Please do not repost! Quoting a few sentences here and there is fine, but please credit me ^^

(No, I'm not going to translate the entire novel or the events after season 1 of the web series. It's much too long  for me to do alone (volume 1 is 208 chapters, volume 2 is 106 chapters) and other translators have already taken up this project. I will, however, jump around the two volumes and translate my favourite chapters because translating is a hobby of mine. Thank you for understanding!)

I knew it!!!!  I tought that i had high expectations in men when i started to be BiGBangs TOPs fan.   Then Gu Hai happened! I will die alone!!!
ekkavianna ekkavianna Nov 14
why every search for this novel always cut pieces no complete book one and book two .. iam very confused
Churniekova Churniekova Sep 16
awww... don't you interest to translate it from the 1st chapter?
markvvc markvvc Sep 26
I hope you would be able to translate chapter 1 to 95 of volume 2... Thank you so much!
kayeshora kayeshora Oct 17
Omg i'm crying for real. My tiny heart 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Jjen30 Jjen30 Sep 23
@kakelet this is book2 right? I thought book 1 ended with bly leaving after the accident but your summary started ling after the said incident...I seem too be at a loss....can I have atleast a bit of clarity pls?