April Fools

April Fools

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Holly Stanton had had it up to here with being the butt of her family's jokes. Being the last of five siblings to make it to the alter, Holly decided to make her family pay for their insensitivity. 
The plan was simple, make her family believe she found "the one."
The hard part was convincing her best friend Sam to be her guy.

Sam Grayson was not going to set himself up for heartbreak. Again. The last time he allowed himself to cross that line with Holly he woke up thinking he was finally out of the friend zone, but Holly woke up hungover and couldn't remember a damn thing. There was no way he would put himself through that again.

Even if she looked beautiful when she was desperate.

HollyKay42 HollyKay42 Aug 03, 2016
Not going lie, only started reading this because her name is Holly 😂😂 but I like it so far! :)
MeidahMarsella MeidahMarsella Dec 22, 2016
Poor Sam. But at least you two still together and have each other 😐
joyousglorious joyousglorious Sep 29, 2016
especially if he wants to be part of that family someday.lol
fomlyn fomlyn Oct 14, 2016
Not bad and better than a lot of books I have come across on wattpad.
joyousglorious joyousglorious Sep 29, 2016
don't be stringing words like "growing old together" and "bestfriends" in front of a guy who desperately needs/wants to get out of the friendzone. lol. damn. that is harsh. poor guy.
joyousglorious joyousglorious Sep 29, 2016
lol. okay. just lay it on there for the sleep and sex deprived male to choke on. hahahaha! 👌🏼😂😂😂😂😂