Your my blood sources, only "MINE"(levixeren Yaoi!)

Your my blood sources, only "MINE"(levixeren Yaoi!)

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This man if he's Levi's friend then he's also a vampire like him 

"What do you mean you don't know ?"

"Saddly no sir I' see Im blind"

"Oh I see how sad and exciting"

"Huh what"

"What are you to him, you know Levi and your a human I can smell your blood and it's quiet sweet and I bet it will taste delicious hmm Levi won't mind if I have a little taste"

-Different chapters-

Eren places his hands on Levi's head trembling, Levi looks up at his aroused face as he cant take it no more and pulls his pants down lifting Eren hip up to his cock touching his entrance. "Eren relax for me okay." "H-huh? W-what." Levi then thrusts into him holding on to his hips thrusting deep and deeper into him. "Ah y-your tight Eren relax I said". 

Little preview of the story what will happen to Eren and what will Levi do !?! To help !?! Turn of event !?! Read to find out!?!

Hanji allways manages to find here way in theese fanfics 😂😂😂
'at least im fool from my last meal'  Please oh lord of freckly jesus let that be a typo.
i thought that said 'smellimg the air around my ass' 😂😂
KaKatiee KaKatiee Sep 13, 2016
Is no one else bothered by the fact that there are no commas and the grammar is terrible?  I don't mean this in an offensive way, more of a constructive criticism type way.
SKriren SKriren Jan 25
He could still listen to the news from the TV.....Why does he have. A TV if he blind though.