Misunderstood ●On Hiatus●

Misunderstood ●On Hiatus●

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Ash By Ash113101 Updated Nov 22, 2016

Hello I'm Ashley113101
I wanted to make another Starco book
I know I have two out and you guys actually like them so I'm inspired to write more

In this book the roles are different and by different I mean personality wise and plot almost..
Marco Diaz is The Bad Boy...
Star is the Polite Princess she was supposed to be
When these two meet, everything goes a little different and weird, will these two ever get along or just agrue the whole time..

Also Marco has a little brother named Damian, he's a little nerd but a cutie, but to his big brother Marco? he's just a pest

Anyway hope you like this 
(StarXMarco) AU

AngelShit AngelShit Oct 29, 2016
Sorry but earth is planet not a dimension (no hate intended)
Long_Lasting Long_Lasting Nov 06, 2016
*Heart already flutters*
                              *sighs and remembers new upcoming episodes*
Me: They're the Diaz family 
                              Star: ............
                              Me: and the boy you met earlier is Marco DIAZ....
                              Star: .....
                              Me: DONT YOU GET IT!!!
                              Star: ......
                              Me: *facepalm*
ZackBell7 ZackBell7 Nov 03, 2016
progression. .....to.....quick. ......need.....time...to.....comprehend......story
JadeSimmons6 JadeSimmons6 Oct 16, 2016
Is it just me or did I have a fan girl FREAK OUT after I read that?
She....knows.....what a MICROPHONE IS!!!! HURRAY!! Wait this is an AU right?