Weird World (book 2).

Weird World (book 2).

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(.x.Sarah_Jane.x.) By Kill__The__DJ Completed

Izzy is a good person. Harry is a good person.
Now that all the lies, the cheating, the trouble making and Izzy's health has blown over, can they actually go the distance?

*Book 2 in the Harry & Izzy series- please do NOT read unless you've read Lay It All On Me first. Thanks!* 

WARNING: Includes strong, explicit scenes. Please only read if you are comfortable with mature content. Some scenes may affect you, and I am not responsible for the feels or heartache I'm about to put you through. Maybe I am. 

All rights reserved to me darlings. No translations or re-posting elsewhere without my consent. xo

sophia074 sophia074 Jan 17
who is that in the picture  btw i know its harry but the story is AMAZING!!!!!
FantomAuthor FantomAuthor Mar 31, 2016
HeloisaBernardelli HeloisaBernardelli Nov 08, 2016
It's all I can think about while I'm reading! 😍😍😍Haahahha
DeannaSmith792 DeannaSmith792 Apr 03, 2016
Hell yeah I loved it! Now let's be clear...this better be a whole book of lovey dovey happiness & amazing sex, no more heartbreak Lol
Kill__The__DJ Kill__The__DJ Oct 10, 2016
@skaye182 haha, thanks Hun! Let's just say I used too (single lady now!) but definitely try! You don't know what you're missing out on if you don't at least try things! Xx
am_1610 am_1610 Nov 09, 2016
Lmfao I said this to m friend after she got her first tat cuz she was always unsure hahahahahah I'm laughing so hard right now