Story of my life

Story of my life

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Haylz By Hayley_Ramesar Updated Mar 24, 2016

I glanced at my mirror to look at my finished product; I wore a denim ripped jeans , a plain grey v-neck t shirt and a red flannel tied around my waist . I smiled at the 'K' necklace wrapped around my neck . My dad had given me it for my 13th birthday , he handed me the box and said no matter what you'll always be my baby girl 💗 Snapping me out of my thoughts , my mom called out to me ,

"Hunnie come down for breakfast , you don't wanna be late for your first day as a junior do you?" She yelled 

" I'll be right there"

I know it's weird but I hated how their were the terms " freshmen or juniors or seniors " Why couldn't everyone just hang out together or how it would be weird if u wanted to date a senior and you were a junior . I didn't like it but it was the system and I had to follow it whether I liked it or not. 

I gave one quick final look at the mirror and rushed downstairs . I knew she was gonna have the " Oh my Gosh I can't believe my daughters a junior now " moment so I inst...

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