Fix Me (Septiplier) || The Boy Trap Book 2

Fix Me (Septiplier) || The Boy Trap Book 2

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~"The Boy Trap" Book 2~

I had a broken boy in my arms. I only know half of who he truly is, and I need to find out the rest. I need to fix every little problem that he faces. It's my job to fix him.

Whiskey? Vodka? Tequila? Wine? I TRIED TEQUILA AT AGE 10 DOOOOO NOOOOOT TRRYYYY IT !!! (I'm still gagging)
kittycat9935 kittycat9935 5 days ago
I am to, dun worry dout it we can get trough it to gether and if anyone makes fun of us well, *chuckles* ya know...
Milo_Tiro Milo_Tiro 5 days ago
2000?!? Oh no, I'm scared 😓. Hopefully he's not going to my school or I'll scream once I see him
English class didn't like the teacha, so I walked out like BYE FELICIA!!!
FluffyTeddyBear2 FluffyTeddyBear2 2 days ago
Teddy bear you are my Teddy bear you were comforting and quiet how can love become so violent ? 🐻 ...Oh Teddy bear you are my Teddy bear everything was so sweet until you tried to kill me 🐻
wait DID SHE GET MARRIED I think she was Ms. Berry now she's Mrs. Berry