Green Eyed Beauty *UNDER EXTREME EDITING!!* {Miraculous Ladybug}

Green Eyed Beauty *UNDER EXTREME EDITING!!* {Miraculous Ladybug}

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🌸Ariel Lynn🌸 By EvartsArielLynn14 Updated Jun 13, 2017

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Started: 2/4/16
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(Y/n) (L/n) is your average everyday school girl, living a normal life, with friends, foes,being your normal teenage girl and even crushes on boys. But what happens when she falls for the green eyed boy known as Adrien Agreste, the schools well known model? What if she had a secret of her own? What if she secretly liked Chat Noir as well?? Find out in this book!!

🐱Note!! If you have been reading this for a while now you'll know that this an anime crossover with the videogame franchise Danganronpa! This is also a crossover with other Animes and games!!!! So read at your own risk! This is still open to everyone who loves Miraculous, but there are huge twists in this book! Hope you guys like it!!

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mistakekids mistakekids Jun 09, 2017
Nope I am not wearing the slutty outfit sorry Arthur I know you mean well but I cant
Avathenoob Avathenoob Jun 17, 2017
Black fading to any color depending on what I wear color scheme
mistakekids mistakekids Jun 09, 2017
(F/n) usually means friends what does it mean in this book
Black shirt white skirt black thigh high socks and blue and black converse
MisunMin MisunMin Jan 14
I h a t e  parents who wake you up like that... Why can’t it just be, “hey sweetie, it’s time to get up.” While rubbing your leg, back or arm? Instead of “TIME TO GET UP ITS 7:30!!!!!” ;-;
mysteriousbunnyhat mysteriousbunnyhat Jul 07, 2017
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