He Kissed Me First

He Kissed Me First

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Amanda By AmandaSalinas17 Updated Aug 25, 2017

"Admit it , babe," he said smirking. "You always wanted me."

"Oh honey, don't forget you kissed me first," I said.
Abigail Thompson is the oldest kissing virgin out of her friends, being 15 and never been kissed. That is until Zach Carter, the school's hottest, baddest boy, suddenly pushes her up against a locker and kisses her in front of the whole school.

Instinctively she thinks it's a prank but turns out it's not. And they hit it off turning them into the schools "power couple."

Could a few bumps in the road ruin everything? Probably not.

But will his bad boy reputation get the better of him? Possibly.

Or will he and Abby fall in love?

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ViolentLoner ViolentLoner May 31, 2017
Great First Page! (mine went along the lines of "she then looked at him and shifted.... at that second he stared in shock")... yeahhhh that book didn't end well..... at all
mindless2020 mindless2020 Mar 19, 2017
That's a lie... actually it depends on if you were born the year after everyone
imaloudsilence imaloudsilence Mar 22, 2017
Hmm. If you're born after the cut off, before October, you're usually one of the oldest ones. *cough* Me. *cough*
LittleMissWolfieGirl LittleMissWolfieGirl Mar 10, 2017
If you know Tim McGraw you know that line "You had to be thereeEEee I've been talkin from day 1 that's the only time a man should talk through glass to his new son" ok I'll stop now 0-0
ViolentLoner ViolentLoner May 31, 2017
wait.... slendy the stalker... (don't ask it has something to do with a comment on another book and I just thought of this....)
rebelliousoreo rebelliousoreo Dec 12, 2016
Somehow I messed that up horribly and read "his teeth were dark brown like chocolate" like wtf...