Adopted By Janiel {Book 3}

Adopted By Janiel {Book 3}

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Adopted by Janiel when she was 7. 

Now she's a teen. 

Going into highschool. 

But highschool is a lot different then middle school. 

There is prom and dating and exams. And even college to think about. 

It's hard. Even harder when all you can think about is a crush...


Bri--love13 Bri--love13 Mar 23
Omg soooo amazing i cant believe there in high school already
Ohhh ewwwww the devil spawn herself she's alot uglier in person
dec28baby dec28baby Oct 15
Me and my friends when I showed them janiel proof/ show them phan proof
Urgh... I'm going to high school next year ;-; tell me about it..
I am too and it sucks ass already. 
                              Literally two weeks in and my best friend stabbed me in the back yesterday what a good life
I do! (I've been reading these all night there soo good I prob should sleep though)