The Editor and The YouTuber (A Mithzan Love Story)

The Editor and The YouTuber (A Mithzan Love Story)

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Elaine Noble By MAD-47 Updated Apr 29, 2017

"Max, what're you-" I'm interrupted as he presses his lips against mine. It shocks me, but I quickly kiss him back, finally understanding why he wanted to meet me here. 

     He wraps his arms around my waist, pulling me closer to him, and I cup his face in my hands, just as I did the first time we kissed. He comes forward, making me step back, and I soon run into a wall. 

     The urge to bring him closer comes over me, and I realize that he gets the feeling as well when he presses himself up against me, resting one of his hands against my neck tenderly. 

     Too soon, he pulls away, inhaling a ragged breath as a pleased smile settles over his face.

     "Hello." He greets."

-The Editor and The YouTuber, Chapter Twenty-One: Unexpected Meetings and Guests


COVER MADE BY THE AMAZING xXArachnidXx. Go check her out! 


     Madison is a twenty-two year old girl who lives in Seattle, Washington with her brother, Adam Dahlberg, also known as Skydoesminecraft. She is an aspiring YouTuber who just reached 15,000,000 subscribers. Her brother and his co-workers/friends decide to let her work in the Skymedia offices with them. She will create videos, edit videos, and make schedules. 

    She has met every person in the Skymedia office except for one person; Max, also known as Mithzan. She has always wanted to meet him, because he is in many of Adam's videos. He can get very mad at times and has the nickname MadMax. 

     What will happen when Madison starts to work at Skymedia? Read this attention-grabbing book to find out!


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