My book of arrrt

My book of arrrt

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Uke only By Silverhasfallen Updated Oct 29, 2016

Look if ye dare......
Dramatic entrance yay

Requests: on hold

Art trades: open

Gifts: Close friends only

Request/ Art Trade Rules:

1. No NSFW (the smut kind, I'm a very clean artist (but I do accept gore))

2. Nothing too advanced, the less often I need to keep looking at the ref to draw the character, the quicker it is for me to get it done

3. Have a ref for your character (just a picture of them will do), I can't draw your character without it

4. Requests may come in late because I do have to take breaks every now and then, I normally do 1-2 a day

5. Please don't rush me, I don't always have the free time to draw

6. Feel free to give me some CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, I'm always happy to know what I can improve on in the future ^^

7. I don't take insults very lightly, so any destructive criticism and I'll just mute/block you, because I'm not in the mood to deal with anyone who's just here to try and tick me off

Extra: I don't do drawing requests for money, I don't do art trades just to get fan art, I draw for people because I enjoy making their day and seeing them smile, not for greed.

⚠️WARNING: Not all the art I drawn in this book is recent⚠️

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