The Teacher And The Student(To Be Edited)

The Teacher And The Student(To Be Edited)

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Natsu Dragneel is a 23 year old new teacher who starts to teach at Fairy Tail High School.

Lucy Heartfilia is a 17 year old student that attends Fairy Tail High School. 

What happens when teacher falls in love with the student and the student falls in love with the teacher? 

Will they act on the desire to be together?
Will they ignore those feelings and desires.
You'll have to read and find out. 

*May contain lemons*

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Oh my god!!
                              Natsu is actually smart enough to become a teacher. 🙌 I praise you know.
You gotta be a part time drug dealer because HOWWWWW on a TEACHERS SALARY
Lucy_Hearfilia_Nalu Lucy_Hearfilia_Nalu Dec 07, 2017
Life has so much more meaning now! *Looks at the Natsu while having a nosebleed*
Wow great choice Mira put a ex-stripper with lots of experience as the new teacher but I'm not complaining.
OhMahDerpyDerps OhMahDerpyDerps Oct 04, 2017
Okay I thought since Natsu is a fire dragon slayer he should live in a.. cave! I think. XD
Beepbeepbetch Beepbeepbetch Dec 12, 2017
Oh god......and I'm young very young who's cutter I wonder v from bts or Natsu?