The Teacher And The Student

The Teacher And The Student

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Lucy Heartfilia & Mira Strauss By deadlylusciousLucy Completed

Natsu Dragneel is a 23 year old new teacher who starts to teach at Fairy Tail High School.

Lucy Heartfilia is a 17 year old student that attends Fairy Tail High School. 

What happens when teacher falls in love with the student and the student falls in love with the teacher? 

Will they act on the desire to be together?
Will they ignore those feelings and desires.
You'll have to read and find out. 

*May contain lemons*

XXxawexXX XXxawexXX Nov 07
Yo Flare has her symbol where I want mine and I want it black
How'd he become a teacher if he doesn't have a brain? What is he gonna teach the class, how ta destroy stuff? No hate. I luv this book so far and I'm sorry if you took offense from it author-san.
YOU ARE SOOOO LUCKY!!!! You better watch out Natsu cause Mira's gonna give me the keys and some popcorn so I can watch you and Lucy. NALU WILL CANON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm still astonished that Natsu was even able to spell orange now he's a teacher 
That's how I accidentally delete it cause I was trying to update.
Oh girl look at that body oh girl look at that body oh girl look at that body OH I WORK OUT