wrong digits | in editing !

wrong digits | in editing !

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the amount of highs and lows one text can cause.

[lowercase intended]


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Omg, this is exactly like Mystic Messenger, except idk who Dylan is, but Unknown and V r characters there.
MhaPizza MhaPizza Sep 06, 2016
Hoe does he automatically know it's a girl of its the wrong number??
vlacknvlue vlacknvlue Nov 14, 2016
Im totally gonna fangirl rn and say Taehyung from BTS😂😂👌
KelseyWilliams320 KelseyWilliams320 Aug 09, 2016
Ikr like u can't just make someone talk to you on social media you have to get to know them
innocent_Peach innocent_Peach Oct 10, 2016
How do you know its a girl? o-o just be awkward if it was a guy xD
xpastelmermaidx xpastelmermaidx Aug 24, 2016
I would be freaked out and JEEEET my phone through the windiw