Bow Down, Alpha

Bow Down, Alpha

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He glares at me like I was suppose to cowar back and submit. Well boy! Was, he, wrong!

"Bow down Jackie! You will not embarrass me in front of m- our pack!" He shouts. I slightly raise my eyebrows and look him in the eye.

"Oh Alphy, you must be mistaken. I refuse to come here."  I sass using the nickname he hates the most. His body shakes violently. He turns into his black wolf with red eyes, which I learn his wolfs name his Landon. Landon was in full control. My wolf was whimpering, begging me not to hurt our mate. Up until he challenges us. I mean who am I to back down from a challenge. My wolf suddenly lost empathy for the idiot. I didn't shift knowing I didn't need too to win this fight.

He comes running up and I dodge effortlessly and grab his gruff, smashing him into the ground that concaves underneath him. He shifts and a guards passes him boxers and shorts and he uses super speed to change. As he gets up I knock him down and kick his stomach as hard as I can. I kneel down and whisper into his ear.

"Bow down, Alpha."

(Copywrite©Niomi Leigh George-Plouffe)

{Semi Mature Content}

WARNING I don't plan on correcting this book anytime soon, so I'm sorry for all you grammar freaks!

When you stay home sick and read this book but laugh so hard you hurt your sore throat... *sigh*