Bow Down, Alpha -Version 1-

Bow Down, Alpha -Version 1-

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He glares at me like I was suppose to cowar back and submit. Well boy! Was, he, wrong!

"Bow down Jackie! You will not embarrass me in front of m- our pack!" He shouts. I slightly raise my eyebrows and look him in the eye.

"Oh Alphy, you must be mistaken. I refuse to come here."  I sass using the nickname he hates the most. His body shakes violently. He turns into his black wolf with red eyes, which I learn his wolfs name his Landon. Landon was in full control. My wolf was whimpering, begging me not to hurt our mate. Up until he challenges us. I mean who am I to back down from a challenge. My wolf suddenly lost empathy for the idiot. I didn't shift knowing I didn't need too to win this fight.

He comes running up and I dodge effortlessly and grab his gruff, smashing him into the ground that concaves underneath him. He shifts and a guards passes him boxers and shorts and he uses super speed to change. As he gets up I knock him down and kick his stomach as hard as I can. I kneel down and whisper into his ear.

"Bow down, Alpha."

(Copywrite©Niomi Leigh George-Plouffe)

{Semi Mature Content}

WARNING I don't plan on correcting this book anytime soon, so I'm sorry for all you grammar freaks!

But-Hold up! There is now a version two! Yay!

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kaela4lyfe kaela4lyfe Apr 17
I am hurt! His do u forget Queen B? How do u forget Beyonce?
**surreptitiously wipes hands on skirt to remove grease** 😏
Ndiyah Ndiyah Mar 04
Great way to began a story, no one getting mistreated, or planning on running away from evil pack. I like your style.
jaylapowelllove jaylapowelllove Oct 04, 2016
When you stay home sick and read this book but laugh so hard you hurt your sore throat... *sigh*
Do you watch Black Butler? Their last names remind me of Phantomhive