Broken Clock

Broken Clock

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Living with a terrible curse, Fred vows to never fall in love. Since he was a child, he has time traveled with no control over when and where he goes. He disappears without a trace, leaving behind everyone he meets.

He travels to Chicago in 1924 and meets Violette Klein. A blond, jazz-dancing distraction from his years of time travel, Fred falls for her. This time, when his curse steals him from the starry lights of Chicago, Violette is swept away, too.

Daring to love and fighting against fate, Fred and Violette cross the world and the ages in search of answers on how to end time travel.

But at any moment, fate might tear them away from each other again...this time, for good.
  *Cover made by @elphadora

sassysalmon sassysalmon Sep 09
I can't be the only one whose head started automatically playing the Jordin Sparks song
"When you don't have any answers in your life, Determination is the only thing that'll keep you moving." 
                              I CAN'T STOP THINKING OF UNDERTALE.
                              Anyways, I like how almost everyone is chill here and 50 dollars a week? that's a nice salary.
While I wait for Evelin, I shall follow Fred's Story! Time travel always interests me, but I don't watch Doctor Who. Don't judge me.
- - Mar 14
Great chapter! Ending is a tad abrupt in my opinion though o:
sassysalmon sassysalmon Sep 09
Now I ain't sayin' she a gold digger, but she ain't messin' with no broke niggas
Awww, poor Fred! Denied! Maybe some cold mop water will help cool his ardor. 
                              (Yes, autocorrect, I wanted to write "cool his armpit")